Project #2 – Seven Pounds

In Seven Pounds, the main character ends up killing seven people while texting and driving. Of course, this decision continues to haunt him throughout his life, leading him to change his entire life in order to benefit others. This shows that we are the ones who are in power. We decide what is good and bad and we choose the outcome of situations. The movie emphasis the importance of goodness. The main character decides he will (spoilers ahead) commit suicide and donate his vital organs to allow other better people to continue their lives. He then sets out to find these seven people by testing them. For instance, he calls up a customer service representative (link to clip) and bombards him with questions and rude statements to see how he would react. After seeing that he did not react in a negative way the main character decided that the man deserved the gift. On the opposite side, the main character went into a hospital to see if the administrator deserved one of his organs. He first decided it was a good idea, until he talked to a patient which convinced him otherwise.

Overall, this movie leaves behind the idea that anyone can be good, just by their actions. The main character went from a horrible killer who constantly beat himself up about it, to a literal lifesaver to seven people. It also shows that the people he chose deserved the donation, purely because of their actions. In the end, he ruined seven lives during his lifespan, but completely changed (in a good way) another seven after his death.

As the PR manager for my group, I have to present my findings about the number of listeners and their feedback. As of right now I cannot give that information due to a program error that prevented our portion of the broadcast.
However, I believe from a editing and professional sounding aspect, 2012 was my favorite section. Breaking Bad was not as professional, but they had a much more “down to earth” conversation about the ideology, which was much better.

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3 Responses to Project #2 – Seven Pounds

  1. Alan Winson says:

    Your entry does focuses on a description of the film and a sense of what it MEANS to you — but there is no answer to the question about how it reflects some worldview or ideology. That aspect of analysis must be in your broadcast. The main character could have made other decisions to be redeemed but he decided to kill himself. What does this tell us about our times? Also, how does this decision and how it is carried out say about the idea of “good” in our times. How does the film say he is a “good” person?

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  3. Alan Winson says:

    But what would you do next time to get an audience for your group broadcast? What did you do for this one?

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